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This ad runs from Wednesday September 11, 2019 to Saturday February 1, 2020
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DONATE YOUR CAR TO UNITED BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION! Your donation helps education, prevention & support programs. FAST FREE PICKUP, 24-hr response, TAX DEDUCTION. 1-844-478-7513
This ad runs from Sunday December 1, 2019 to Friday December 20, 2019
Filed in WANTED.

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KLAMATH FALLS GOSPEL MISSION HELP! I'M BROKEN DOWN AND CAN'T BE FIXED! (Repairs more than I am worth) The KF Gospel Mission is in need of a new/used truck. We are asking the Klamath Community to help with any donation you can make. You can donate online, in person or through the mail. Thank you for your generosity & support! Klamath Falls Gospel Mission Board 1931 Mission Ave. Klamath Falls, OR 97601 541-882-4995

Klamath Falls Nickel

Address: 2701 Foothills Blvd.,
Klamath Falls, OR 97603
Phone Number: 541-885-4430
Fax: 541-882-0454


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